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From the MyNotary Network: an informal collection of notaries public located throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.
All in a days work

Notaries know how to draft every kind of notarial certificate and their legalisation requirements but they can’t know the background to every kind of potential notarial transaction.

MyNotary notaries have access to specialists if you are a notary and not a member of the MyNotary Network click here.   We at the MyNotary Network understand this and provide Continuing Professional Education (CPE) to notaries via Law Consultancy Services

We think some background information about potential notarial transactions must be useful.  For Example:

• The Union Customs Code: a recast of the Modernised Customs Code

• The European Succession Regulation (“Brussels IV”).

• French inheritance (the classic purchase structures -tenancy in common, joint tenancy, communaute universelle and SCI)

• Police Certificates

• Proof of Life

• Getting Married Outside the UK

• There's More - Some notaries offer additional legal services.

• Police Certificates
We are often asked about Police Certificates, when people want to prove that they do not have a criminal record. If you require a police certificate for the purposes of applications for emigration, visa or residency in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and United States of America, we can certainly help you. 

• Proof of Life
A seemingly unusual request is for the notary to tell you that you are alive! You probably already know that but the organisation paying your overseas pension may not believe you. They need to prove you are alive – presumably they have been caught out by fraudulent claims where relatives continue to claim long after the pensioner has died.

Getting Married Outside the UK
A wedding on an exotic beach in Bali is a great attraction to many couples, and generally speaking, the UK will legally recognise any marriage conducted in another country, provided the marriage complied with the laws of that country.

But how do you make sure your marriage is recognised in England and Wales?

  1. 1. Make sure the ceremony strictly follows the law of the country where you marry
  2. 2. Obtain an official copy of the marriage certificate
  3. 3. Obtain a certified copy of the local equivalent of the Register of Marriage.

You may choose to lodge the two documents above (with certified English translation where appropriate) with the General Register Office, thus creating a record in this country of the foreign marriage.

The Citizen's Advice Bureau has a lot of helpful information on the topic of marriage including marriages by proxy.

Notary Co UK have notarised documents in connection with such a marriage – it was for Brazil. A marriage by proxy is one where one or both partners are not physically present at the ceremony. Marriages taking place under United Kingdom law are not valid if they are by proxy. However, United Kingdom law may in some circumstances consider a proxy marriage to be valid if both of the partners are ‘domiciled’ in a country which recognises marriages by proxy. The concept of ‘domicile’ is very complicated. If you need to know about the validity of a marriage by proxy you will probably need to seek specialist legal advice

What is a Non Impediment Certificate?
This is a sworn statement before a notary confirming there is no impediment to your marriage.


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