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China is often in the news, it's either retailers unhappy that not enough visas are being issued to the wealthy Chinese middle classes desperate to spend-  spend - spend it's about China’s, now declining,  economic growth. 

However it’s the subject of trademark infringement that is the hot topic amongst our clients keen to succeed in China.  Trademark squatting has been an issue for some time but is now coming to the fore as it appears to be preventing businesses from manufacturing in China as well as selling into it – a potentially wider-reaching issue given the number of firms that source from the country.

China's National People's Congress (NPC) has released a list of proposed amendments to its Trademark Law – some 40 provisions. Some of the changes are well anticipated and may prove beneficial for all brand owners. However, some of the proposed changes could have some unintended consequences, which may arguably create a more complicated situation.

We at Notary Co UK can’t advise on how to safeguard your business interests but we can ensure your documents are correctly notarised and legalised at the Chinese embassy. 


Excluding Hong Kong and Macau; for legal documents to be effective in China, they must pass through the UK government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Chinese embassy.  Any questions just contact the experts. Notary Co UK.

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Trademark infringement proceedings specialists 
Registered trademark infringement proceedings solicitors act in the pursuit and defence of infringement of registered trademark & passing off claims in the London & UK regional courts.

Trademark China 
To obtain trademark protection in China, an application for a China trademark can be filed through the national registration system or the international registration system. For a national trademark application in China, an application has to be filed before the China Trademark Office by an officially recognized agent.

For the international registration, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has provided a platform for international registrations among members of the so called “Madrid Agreement”. China is a member of this agreement, and therefore it’s possible to file an application for a China trademark using the international registration system.
After obtaining a China trademark, the trademark owner has to use the trademark inside the territory of China. If the China trademark has not been used within 3 years from the registration date or, later, has not been used for 3 consecutive years, the China trademark may be subject to cancellation.

Chinese official statistics on foreign investment in China have indicated that Hong Kong has been the biggest source of inbound foreign investment  

Thinking of expanding your market to China?
Tapping into the world's largest and quickest growing middle-class can be a more than daunting experience. Beijing Ding Ding can help you with company formation, market entry, market surveys, employment services, legal and accounting advice and any other general help on the ground in China to make your entry into the Chinese market a smooth one.

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