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From the MyNotary Network: an informal collection of notaries public located throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Documents that need to be notarised are always for use outside the UK. It may be: -

Many on these countries have particular requirements and insist on the documents being presented at the country's embassy. The notary will know what to do and in any event the notary can always rely on MyNotary who offer a comprehensive Legalisation service in London.

These ‘features’ pages serve to provide information and stories that may be of interest to clients using the services of a Notary Public.

The most common document the notary deals with is a Power of Attorney, closely followed by making certified copies of various certificates. However that is by no means the whole story… 

New this month: 

whatever notary

UAE and Qatar Doing Business or going to work in the UAE or Gulf region? A big attraction of going to work in the Gulf is ... more

India. If you are of Indian origin and travel regularly to India this may save you time and trouble…

Any other topics - please email as a member of The MyNotary Network may be able to help.

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