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From the MyNotary Network: an informal collection of notaries public located throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Thinking of going to work overseas?

At Notary Co UK we see many people setting off on new careers overseas: particularly doctors and nurses going out to Australia and teachers and engineers going out the Middle East. 

Many jurisdictions want evidence of professional qualifications – some countries demand copies of marriage certificates and even children’s school reports.  We can notarise, legalise and translate if necessary all the documentation needed.  We can even obtain some original certificates when lost.

Medical staff: Going to work as a nurse in Australia?
A frequent request is “I am a nurse in London currently putting together an application to Australian Nursing Board which requires notarised copies of my nursing certificates and licence – can you help?”  the answer is of course YES.  Read the full story and a note about Austmedics -  a bespoke Medical Recruitment company

Work as teacher outside the UK 
Teachanywhere who specialise in recruitment of teachers for international schools and organisations around the world recommend Notary Co UK to their teachers.  We  legalise documents for all over the world.

Teachanywhere’s web site is full of useful information notably
“What to expect as a teacher in China”
Education is taken very seriously in China and the education sector, both state schools and private schools, is growing rapidly. Culturally, China values education and educational attainment, making it a great place in which to teach as teachers are valued and revered.  Employment packages in China almost always include flight

The Middle East is an exciting place to live and work as a teacher. It has all year sunshine with a good climate for most of the year; it has a remarkable culture and thriving expatriate population. Schools generally provide free furnished accommodation and tax-free salaries.

Working abroad: what countries offer the best job prospects for graduates? 
The Guardian newspaper asks “With UK job prospects for graduates and young people limited, could now be the time to explore what's on offer in other countries”.  A comprehensive overview of various options is posted here   

The article talks about Visa restrictions and how to apply, the kind of work available, jobs and provides some information about the cost of living. It discusses working in

USA:  “Visa restrictions are very stringent. There is no working holiday visa programme of the type UK citizens enjoy in Australia and New Zealand. You need to have a job offer in place before even applying for a visa…”

Germany : Visa restrictions None. All EU nationals, including those from Britain, have the right to look for work in Germany.  Jobs Unemployment is lower than Britain, but while jobs are available they could not be described as plentiful.

New Zealand: Jobs - hospitality roles in Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown. Construction jobs in Christchurch. Seasonal fruit-picking is ideal temporary work and can be done all over the north and south island.

Canada: the usual hospitality and construction jobs are available however  the high commission in London says jobs in the hi-tech gaming industry are aplenty!

Singapore with more than 110,000 expatriates and 7,000 multinational companies operating in Singapore, the opportunities for career advancement are good. is a good place to start.

Japan: most British graduates heading to Japan find work as English teachers



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